Safety Handrails

Stainless Steel  Handrails

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Nylon Grab Handrails

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     We offer a full line of ADA approved handrails. They are made with stainless steel or nylon and available in various sizes, styles and colors to fit any application.  Our products integrate clean design, high quality materials and functional precision.  

    The colors and finishes available assure the possibility of matching or contrasting with individual color choices now and for many years in the future. 

   The ADA emphasizes handrail installation because handicapped persons use them to maintain balance, transfer, and prevent falls.  They are the number one answer to a barrier free design, and are specified, by the ADA, in both new and existing buildings

    Twelve specific types of buildings must comply with the ADA guidelines.  They include schools, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, stadiums, theaters, convention facilities, museums, parks and hospitals, banks, gas stations and laundromats.  Professional offices of accountants, lawyers, insurance agents and the like are among the service establishments that must meet the ADA guidelines.