Nova Retrofit Kits

Nova Retrorfit Kits
Would you prefer to view your screen at the eye's natural angle and depth? How about adjusting your monitor to meet your personal demands? How would you like to have your entire desktop clear of papers? The Nova retrofit kits are complete with everything (except the desktop) you need to give your new or existing computer desk an ergonomic overhaul. The Nova Solutions Integrated Suspension System positions the monitor at a comfortable viewing angle, thereby reducing the risks of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD), while increasing the workspace.
Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - Trolly H-Class
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits -Flat Panel Display
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - CRT- Fully Recessed
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - CRT-Semi Recessed
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - Surface Mount Display
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - Flat Panel Display Oversized
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - CRT-Fully Recessed oversized
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Nova Workstation - Retrofit Kits - CRT-Semi Recessed oversized
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Do it all at once with the integrated monitor system!
Nova offers further advantages not found with other computer furniture.
Saves space - Nova removes the CPU, monitor and keyboard and frees up the most critical part of your workspace.
Manages wires - Nova hides unsightly computer cables. This also keeps them from being accidentally disconnected.
Assures privacy - The recessed monitor provides security for sensitive materials.
Lowers costs - Nova eliminates the need for a separate computer workstation. This saves office space.
Enhances eye contact - Nova allows a direct line of sight.