Most Popular Telecommunication Data Telecom Plates

We sell telecom plates and audio/visual connections for use with our office and desktop power data grommets. Telecommunication plates, better known as telecom plates, can be swapped out and exchanged to meet the growing and changing needs of your modular office workspace. We offer the most popular configurations, as well as an option to customize your own plate to suit your specific application. Power data and wire management grommets provide convenient access to your audio/visual components and are great for training centers, conference tables, home offices, and corporate offices.
Telecom Plate with (1) DVI Female/Female and (1) 15 Pin HD VGA F/F
Cordminder Telecom Plate with (2) 5/8" Holes and (1) 7/8" Hole

Telecommunication Data Telecom Connectors

RJ-45 Siemon Cat 6 Black RJ-11 Siemon Cat 3 Black RJ-45 Allen Tel Inline Cat 5E RJ-11 AMP Cat 3 Inline
USB Universal A/B 3 Pin XLR Female 4 Pin XLR Female 3 Pin Mini XLR Female
15 Pin HD VGA F/F Mini Stereo DVI Inline F/F
RCA F/F Red RCA F/F White RCA F/F Yellow