Custom Height Legs

We offer custom height table legs and bases for business and home offices that allow the user to select which height would be most appropriate for their particular project. Our customized table legs by Camar, Peter Meier, and Gibraltar allow our customers the flexibility to choose the ideal height for their tabling project, rather than being restricted to pre-determined base heights. Custom cut legs and table bases are ideal for non-standard height applications such as coffee tables, end tables, pensinsulas, and storage compartments. is the premier source for commercial and residential office supplies and products.
Hamburg Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall, 2-3/8"Dia Heidelberg Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall Studio Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall Isola Leg, Single, Black
Quadra Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall, 3" Square Crystal Leg, Set, 28-1/2"Tall
Hamburg Leg, Single, Black, 43"Tall, 2-3/8"Dia Studio Leg, Single, 39-3/8"Tall Hamburg Leg, Set, 34-1/4"Tall Peninsula Support Leg 3100
Zoom Leg, Set, 34-1/4"Tall Crystal Leg, Single, 28-1/2"Tall Zoom Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall Heidelberg Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall
Hamburg Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall Hamburg Leg, Single, 27- 3/4"Tall Heidelberg Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall Studio Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall
Zoom Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall