Round Table Legs 2 1/4" - 2 3/8"

We sell 2-3/8" diameter table leg sets and singles for use on office furniture, desks, hospitality tables, end tables, and lounge area tables. Our 2-3/8" diameter table legs make strong, sturdy table bases for high traffic and multi-purpose desks and computer workstations. offers a tremendous table leg selection in various styles and finishes from Hafele, Richelieu, Gibraltar, Camar, and Peter Meier. Whether it's remodeling or new construction, is the premier source for all your commercial and residential architectural hardware needs.
Metal table legs standard dia 2 3/8 height 28 Hamburg Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall, 2-3/8"Dia Rolling (mobile) Table Legs Tapered Legs 2 3/8 Diameter
Table Leg - Tapered 2 Crystal Leg, Set, 28-1/2"Tall
H Leg Side Base Koyo Adjustable Pedestal System Zoom Leg, Set, 27-3/4"Tall Zoom Leg, Set, 34-1/4"Tall
Hamburg Leg, Single, Black, 43"Tall, 2-3/8"Dia Hamburg Leg, Set, 34-1/4"Tall Metal Table Legs dia 2 3/8 height 34 1/2 Crystal Leg, Single, 28-1/2"Tall
Table Legs - Caster/Leveling System Hamburg Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall Taller Metal Legs Taller Rolling Metal Legs
Hamburg Leg, Single, 27- 3/4"Tall Zoom Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall Prisma 27-3/4" Desk Table Leg Set Prisma 34-1/4" Counter Height Leg Set
Spindle Table Leg Wood/Metal Combo Leg Zoom Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall