Single Legs

We sell single table legs and pedestal columns for peninsulas, dining tables, desks, modular office furniture, restaurant furniture, and kitchen counters. Our individual table legs offer intermediate support for extra long tables or for peninsula counter tops that are attached to a wall or cabinet on one end and need support at the other end. The opportunity to purchase single legs helps reduce cost by allowing a customer to purchase odd numbers of legs, instead of buying in sets. offers individual legs by Peter Meier, Camar, Richelieu, Hafele, and Gibraltar. Whether it's remodeling or new construction, we're the premier source for all your residential and commercial architectural hardware needs.
Single Column Table Base Wood/Metal Combo Leg Isola Leg, Single, Black Designers Delight
Elips Table Legs
Hamburg Leg, Single, Black, 43"Tall, 2-3/8"Dia Studio Leg, Single, 39-3/8"Tall Peninsula Support Leg 3100
CLICK LEG, SINGLE, FLAT BLACK, 27-3/4" TALL, 2"DI Crystal Leg, Single, 28-1/2"Tall Zoom Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall
Hamburg Leg, Single, 27- 3/4"Tall Heidelberg Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall Heidelberg Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall Hamburg Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall
SLIM LEG, SINGLE, 27-3/4"TALL, 1-3/8"DIA Light Duty Folding Leg Studio Leg, Single, 27-3/4"Tall Zoom Leg, Single, 34-1/4"Tall
Straight Aluminum Coffee Table Leg Straight Aluminum Table Leg Wavy Aluminum Coffee Table Leg Wavy Aluminum Table Leg
Quadratonda Leg Bar Height Tapered Leg
Square Tapered Wood Leg American Wood Leg 606408 American Wood Leg 606416 Spindle Wood Leg
 Rustic Wood Leg 605715  Square Wood Leg  791710260 Colonial Wood Leg 606315 Grooved Colonial Wood Leg
 Rustic Wood Leg 605615 Rustic Wood Leg Queen Ann Wood Leg 606112 Queen Ann Wood Leg
Queen Ann Style Wood Leg Country Wood Leg  Rustic Wood Leg 605729  Rustic Wood Leg 6056294