Industrial Casters & Wheels

We sell industrial casters for rolling furniture carts, cabinets, chairs, desks, and modular office furniture. Our extensive caster collection includes hard rubber casters, soft rubber casters, locking casters, swiveling casters, pivot casters, and heavy duty casters. is proud to offer new and replacement casters for every design and any application. Whether it's for new furniture designs or remodeling projects, is the premier source for all your residential and commercial architectural hardware needs.
Swiveling Casters - Thread Stem Mount M10 Swiveling Caster w/Brake & Mounting Plate Swiveling Caster w/Brake & M10 thread Mount Swiveling Caster w/Mounting Plate
Swiveling Caster w/Mounting Plate & Brake Fixed Caster Swiveling Caster  662.03.861 Dynatred Swivel Wheel
Soft Rubber Warehouse Caster Hard Rubber Warehouse Caster Industrial 5" Swivel Caster Pivoting Rubber Caster
Fixed 1" Caster Hard Rubber 4" Caster Fixed 6" Industrial Caster Rolling Aluminum Caster
Rubber 6" Caster with Rotating Plate Furniture Caster with Plate Grey Caster with Brake Heavy Duty Wheel with Rotating Plate
Pivoting Rubber Wheel Fixed Rubber Wheel Soft Rubber Wheel Hard Rubber Wheel