Cable & Wire Grommets

We offer desktop cable and wire grommets that allow the user to redirect computer cables and power cords through the surface of their workspace. Rather than wrapping cables around cabinets or table bases, install cable grommets in your desktop for easy access and a neat, finished appearance. We sell metal and plastic grommets by Hafele and Richelieu, available in a wide variety of finishes, shapes, and designs. is the premier source for commercial and residential office supplies and products.
Grommets with Rotating Top Executive Grommets push and pinch grommet Metal Grommets 2 1/2"
Metal Grommets 1 9/16" Large Opening Metal Grommets 1 9/16" Small Opening cable set cable set
 Tango Cable Grommets  edge grommet Flexi-Top Grommets
Cable Set Lengthwize Split  Cable Set Crosswize Split  cable set king size Rectangular Grommet
 Paper Guide  Waste Management Liner Paper Guide #2 brush grommet