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Bike Racks

We sell wall mounted bike racks, hooks, stands, and ceiling bike lifts for bicycle storage in your garage, workshop, or mudroom. Any avid cyclist will tell you that bikes are not the easiest thing to store, with their awkward shape and tendency to fall over or roll. Our simple bike hook designs use the weight of the bike to hold it in place and take advantage of the space closest to the wall where bikes can be mounted up and out of the way. One of the many bike hooks we have to offer is part of the Omni Track wall mounted garage storage solutions product line, which will help you clear clutter in the rest of the garage by getting tools and other sports equipment off the floor and neatly onto the wall. 

Our most popular bike rack is actually a ceiling-mounted bicycle lift called the Hoist Monster by Racor, which takes advantage of high ceilings and provides easy access to your bike with a simple rope and pulley system. But whichever bike hook or bike rack you go with, you'll be happy that your bicycle is stored securely, out of the way but easily accessed when the time comes to take it down and go for a spin.

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