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Need Faster Shipping? Don't Let Time Limit Your Project

Posted by Gary Lederman on

In a hurry to complete your project? On a tight deadline? The vast majority of our products are in stock and can be delivered within 2-5 business days with standard ground shipping. Expedited shipping is available upon request. Contact us by phone, chat, via our  contact us page, or via our quote request page. One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you with expediting your order. In some cases, we can provide expedited shipping at standard ground pricing by shipping your order from one of our strategically located warehouses closest to your location.

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We Ship Anywhere In The World

Our online ordering system calculates shipping to the Contiguous United States, which consists of the 48 adjoining U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or International Destinations are quoted per order. You have three methods to choose from: 1. We will be glad to give a freight inclusive price estimate for delivery to your exact [...]

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Standard Plug, Hardwired, or DaisyLink?

The environment where your unit is used will be the most important factor in choosing the correct power supply. There are three choices when it comes to bringing power to your power data outlet: Standard Molded Plug Hardwired DaisyLink The Standard Molded Plug is the simplest and most popular choice for home or small office use. It is factory wired to the unit [...]

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Is DaisyLink The Right Choice? Link Multiple Units

The DaisyLink system is a unique solution for linking multiple ECA power and data units together in applications such as training tables, auditorium seating or conference rooms. DaisyLink is available in single or multiple circuit solutions. It combines the ease and flexibility of a molded plug with a more versatile commercial application. Quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect multiple units without [...]

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Power Data Stations | Where Do I Begin?

Choosing the best power/data station for your project is a lot easier than it appears. We’ve designed our units to excel in a myriad of diverse environments. Each location’s purpose requires different solutions. Follow these easy steps and you will have the exact answer for your situation. Where will the unit be used? Open office spaces Private offices Training rooms Open spaces [...]

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Do I Need A Convenience Outlet? Power Above & Power Below

There are many situations that not only demand power above the work surface, but also require one or more power outlets below the work area. Whether it’s to plug-in a computer, lamp, or space heater, or to link several units together, a convenience outlet is a must! Our unique convenience receptacles, located on the side or bottom [...]

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Optimize Closet Storage | HEWI Nylon Clothes Hangers

HEWI Nylon Clothes Hangers are a colorful, designer alternative to wire or wood hangers in wardrobes and closets. Our HEWI Hangers are available in three models that will fit any application: a standard clothes hanger, a coat and trouser hanger, and a theft proof clothes hanger. Our theft proof nylon hanger is particularly useful for hotel and motel room closets. Add a touch [...]

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Meeting And Conference Rooms | The Right Amount Of Power & Data

Today’s office spaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from large traditional conference rooms to smaller, more informal, meeting areas. Our product line can tackle the various demands of conference and meeting rooms. They can provide just the right amount of power, data, phone, and USB charging ports for each user in the room.     Helpful Resources [...]

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Desking And Benching Systems | Power Above Or Below

In open plan office spaces there is a constant need for power, data, and charging capabilities. Our benching and desking products offer a variety of corded and DaisyLink solutions that provide enough power and charging above or below the work surface. The DaisyLink system enables multiple units to be linked together from a single infeed. Our unique "No [...]

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Private Office Space | Easy Access To Power, USB, And Data

Our power data solutions for private offices are compact yet powerful in capabilities. They offer users easy access to power, USB, and data above the work surface. Convenience outlets below, on select models, are perfect for ancillary office accessories like lamps, computers, and monitors.The Cove Series is a surface mount solution available in over 25 configurations allowing users to customize power, [...]

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