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Standard Plug, Hardwired, or DaisyLink?

Posted by Gary Lederman on

The environment where your unit is used will be the most important factor in choosing the correct power supply. There are three choices when it comes to bringing power to your power data outlet:

  • Standard Molded Plug
  • Hardwired
  • DaisyLink

The Standard Molded Plug is the simplest and most popular choice for home or small office use. It is factory wired to the unit and is ready to plug into any 110V receptacle. You have a wide variety of power data stations and several different cord lengths to choose from.

Hardwired is a more permanent solution for public spaces, schools, libraries, and large offices. It is factory wired and designed to be attached to an electrical box by a qualified electrician. Commercial spaces generally require this type of power source installation.

The DaisyLink System  is a unique design perfectly suited for training rooms, learning centers, and health facilities. DaisyLink combines the ease and flexibility of a molded plug with a more versatile commercial solution. Quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect multiple units without the need of an electrician. Available in single or multiple circuit solutions DaisyLink can control up to ten units from a single power source. 

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