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Laundry Hampers

We sell laundry hampers for installation in closets or to hang in a tilt out cabinet. Our laundry hampers offer convenient storage of dirty clothes until laundry day while remaining concealed in your closet or wardrobe cabinet. Of the laundry hampers that we offer, two models are available with removable bags. This will make sorting your clothes and transporting them to your laundry room or local laundromat immensely easier.

In addition to laundry hampers with removable bags, we also offer hanging wire baskets. They can be very easily mounted to a wall for storage, but they can also be mounted to a cabinet door with flap stays to create a tilt out laundry hamper. A tilt out laundry hamper can rest in open position at an angle allowing you to deposit or remove your laundry from the basket without manually holding the door open.

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