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Tie Racks, Belt Racks, Scarf Racks, & Valet Racks

Hafele Tie Racks set your ties free from dresser drawers and closet floors. Crumpled, wrinkled ties are not an impressive accessory to a formal ensemble. Hafele Tie Racks properly hang your collection of ties so they remain wrinkle free and are neatly on display facilitating your daily tie selection ritual. Choose from fixed mounted tie racks and adjustable tie racks that can extend from a compartment in your closet. Hafele Tie Racks aren't restricted to use with ties either. Instead of a jewelry box, organize necklaces and bracelets by hanging them from a tie rack.

Like ties and scarves, belts can be difficult to neatly store in your closet. They will inevitably fall to the floor if they are hung on a hanger in your closet. Even worse, trying to store belts in your dresser drawer can leave you with a tangled Gordian knot with belts that are left cracked, creased, or otherwise deformed. A high quality Hafele Belt Rack will simplify organization of your belts and make accessorizing your outfit with the right belt seamless.

Decorative scarves are not difficult to store because of their light weight compact dimensions; but, easy to store and accessible are two different things. Hafele Synergy Scarf Racks neatly hang decorative scarves in plain sight making coordination with your outfit a cinch. The open loops of the Hafele Synergy Scarf Racks also prevent wrinkling and creasing of decorative scarves. No ironing is needed for decorative scarves that are properly hung on a Hafele Synergy Scarf Rack.

Hafele Valets are the personal assistants of closet accessories. You've meticulously chosen your ensemble for the day. It's neatly pressed and ready for you to don; but, you have not finished your morning ablution. The last thing you want to do his hang it in your crowded closet where you clothes could get wrinkled again. Enter the retractable Hafele Valet. The Hafele Valet is an unassuming accessory that mounts to the side wall of your closet or a closet compartment. When it is needed, you simply pull out the Hafele Valet on which you hang your clothes that you have prepared for the day. Other Hafele Valets can mount to the underside of a shelf or swivel into position. 

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