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We sell cedar and nylon clothes hangers in assorted sizes and styles for specific clothing requirements. Our HEWI Nylon Hangers come in a wide array of bright and neutral colors that will accent your clothing closet. A theft proof clothes hanger for use in hotels is also available. Nylon hangers are strong and durable and have sloped arms to prevent dimpling in your garments. 

Woodlore Cedar Clothes Hangers are handy for closet organization and are strong and durable like the HEWI Nylon hangers, with the added benefit of scenting your closet and your clothes with the delicate aroma of cedar. Cedar is a natural pest repellent and does not have the health risk or odor of moth balls. Woodlore Cedar Hangers are available for shirts, pants, suits and large coats. This array of sizes makes Woodlore Cedar Hangers the one product you’ll need for all your garment hanging needs. Contact for assistance selecting or order clothing hangers for your closet.

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