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Desking And Benching Systems | Power Above Or Below

Posted by Gary Lederman on

In open plan office spaces there is a constant need for power, data, and charging capabilities. Our benching and desking products offer a variety of corded and DaisyLink solutions that provide enough power and charging above or below the work surface. The DaisyLink system enables multiple units to be linked together from a single infeed. Our unique "No Particular Order" feature allows users the freedom to effortlessly reconfigure the space as needs change.

The Seclusion Hide It Kit offers a convenient way to hide power, data, and USB below the work surface while still providing easy access when needed. Built in storage and wire management help maximize critical workspace and reduce cable clutter.

The Villa II is available in corded and DaisyLink versions and addresses the need for easy access to power above and below the work surface. Configurations with power, USB charging ports, and data can be accessed from the table top with additional power receptacles below the work surface for ancillary accessories.

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