InterChange System - Modular Wall Storage

We sell the RacorIC Interchange Wall Docking system for convenient, adaptable storage solutions in your garage, laundry room, closet, or mud room. The Interchange system starts with the wall dock mounting bracket, which is universal and accepts any hook, basket, or hanger from the Interchange product line. Each bike hook, ladder hanger, rake and shovel holder, basket, hose hook, and cord wrap holder come with their own wall dock, and additional wall docks are sold in packages of three. As your needs change and the seasons turn, you can pick and choose what you store and where, all with the simple push of a button to release the hook from the wall dock! We carry a full line of storage solutions hardware for commercial and residential applications to store recreational sports equipment, tools, and lawn and garden equipment. Whether it's new construction or remodeling projects, is the ideal source for all your storage architectural hardware needs.
Vertical Bike Hook Utility Hook Catch-All-Basket Cord Wrap Holder
Hose Rack Multi-Use Hook Tool Hanger Wall Dock Mounting Bracket

InterChange turns any wall space into a Flexible Storage Area.font>

  • Ideal for rotating seasonal storage when needs change. 
  • Eliminates unsightly holes and pegboard. 
  • Made from heavy-duty steel.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Racks, hooks and hangers lock in place until you are ready to move them. 
  • Lifetime Warranty.
This innovative storage system was created to meet homeowners' needs for easy installation, storage flexibility and seasonal access. RacorIC™ gives you unlimited modular possibilities for keeping your tools, recreation gear and anything else right where you need it, when you need it. And as you add more stuff, it's a simple matter to reorganize and add racks.

It's all based on our unique WallDocks™ that are easy to install. All racks fit on the WallDocks, so you can move or add racks any time.