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A Back Saver: Rolling Table Legs

Posted by Gary Lederman on

Rolling table legs aren't very exciting, are they? They're as exciting as counting the perforations in ceiling tile; nonetheless, life is a little easier with rolling table legs. They make rearranging the layout of a conference room or moving your desk closer to a window a simple act rather than a Herculean task. Can you imagine moving a big, heavy conference table in your company’s meeting room all on your own without rolling table legs? How about reconfiguring the layout of a lecture hall with 50 tables, or moving a desk closer to a power outlet to accommodate the power/data connectors that are installed? I envision lots of sweat, tears, and swearing and damaged tables; but, that doesn’t have to be the case.

I'm sure you’re probably thinking, “Rolling table legs are plain and won’t work with my table.” Oh, how wrong you would be. Rolling table legs not only come in a number of different finishes to complement a specific décor, but they also come in many different styles andconfigurations. You certainly wouldn’t want to put 8 rolling table legs on a 10 foot conference table. It would reduce leg room underneath the table. And if you have a really wide table, you’ll need more legs in the middle to keep it from sagging. Not to mention it would look like some weird spider. In such a circumstance you’d want a large base that can carry the load of a heavy table, but is large enough to provide even support. AND IT ROLLS! What more could you ask for? Did u say height adjustment? Well, what do you know; rolling legs can be height adjustable too. 

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