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Benefits of Garage Storage and Organization

Posted by Gary Lederman on

Garage storage and organization can de-clutter and streamline even the most unkempt garage. Let’s face it; cleaning out the garage is not the most enjoyable task. Some garages are so bad that A&E could create a Hoarders spin off exclusively devoted to garage clutter. Taking advantage of garage storage and organization techniques will save you the trouble of having to clean out and reorganize your garage again. Do it once and it’s just maintenance after that. For most of you, your garage clutter consists of four categories: junk, sports and athletic paraphernalia, clothes and memorabilia, and tools.

  • Junk: Junk is easy – throw it all away. If you get sentimental about junk, you’ll never clean out your garage. The easiest way to clear it out is to take the advice of Peter Walsh and write down everything you remember in your garage. If you find anything in the garage that is not on your list, get rid of it.

  • Sports and Athletic Paraphernalia: I’m sure many of you have your bikes, tennis rackets, golf clubs, ski equipment, and other sports equipment tossed in a dark corner of your garage. Organizing your equipment not only cleans up the look of your garage, but also makes your equipment readily available for use. So when you make that New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds, your bike will be prominently featured hanging from its new rack in your garage or hanging on a hook with your other athletic gear. No longer will there be an excuse not to hit the bike trails.

  • Clothes and Memorabilia: Now that you’ve listened to me and organized your sports equipment and hit the bike trails, I’m sure you’ve lost a ton of weight. Now you have to get those pants that you haven’t been able to fit in 5 years out of the garage; and, you know exactly where those pants are.Because you decided to organize your clothes, pictures, and other keepsakes in bins that are stored in the garage hanging from the ceiling or stacked neatly on metal shelving, they are easily accessible whenever you need to retrieve any of your stored items. That’ll save you a trip to Public Storage (they might be a little mad at us too for the loss of renters).

  • Tools: If you just have a hammer and a screwdriver like me, tool storage really isn’t a big deal. For the rest of you, the final component of your garage reorganization is storage and accessibility for your tools. You don’t want them tucked away like your clothes. They should be easy to grab in case you need a hammer to “fix” that toilet that won’t stop running. A tool shelf or wall mounted storage rack will give you the clean look and convenience that you want in your garage.

    So we have solved your garage clutter problem. All your remaining stuff is neatly organized in its place and at your fingertips when you need them. Best of all, your car will actually be able to fit in your garage now. Freaky right? Who knew a car was supposed to go in the garage.

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