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Camar Como Furniture Legs

Posted by Gary Lederman on

The Como furniture leg produced by Camar is a stout, simple design that can be used on almost any furniture project. Such a simple constitution results in two things that furniture fabricators love – a low cost and a hefty weight capacity. This leg is perfectly suited for chairs, sofas, chests, and garage or kitchen cabinets. The Camar Como leg is one of our best-selling furniture foot options and it isn’t very difficult to see why…

The Camar Como furniture leg is a 2″ diameter steel column with an ABS plastic leveler at the bottom for 1″ adjustment and a 3-1/8″ square steel mounting plate at the top. The mounting plate has a 7/8″ long M10 thread welded in the middle which attaches to the female end at the top of the leg itself. The installation of the leg is as easy as you might have guessed – mark holes for the mounting plate, pre-drill said holes, attach the mounting plate, and screw the leg onto the threaded stem. Ideally you’ll have wood blocking on the bottom of the furniture or cabinet that is at least as large as the mounting plate itself. If you do not, you’ll want to make certain that you are able to mount a screw in at least three of the four screw holes. If all else fails, add blocking to the piece you’re working on for a good, sound installation. When properly installed, the Camar Como leg will have up to a 600lbs weight capacity per leg.

The Como furniture leg is available in 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ heights and in five finishes: Flat Black, Glossy Black, Alumina, Polished Chrome, and Brushed Steel. Keep in mind that the foot has a 1″ leveler at the bottom, so if you’re aiming for a 5″ height, purchase the 4″ leg and adjust up from there (and so on…). If you’re married to a very specific height that cannot be reached with the height adjustment via the leveler, i.e. you’re using these for cabinets attached to an existing countertop or cabinets mounted to a wall, consider using wood blocking or shims between the furniture and the mounting plate to help you achieve the desired height. The Flat Black finish is a textured “orange peel” finish. Glossy Black is the shiny, smooth version of this same finish. Between the two, the Flat Black is a more sensible option since, being on the floor, the foot is bound to be scuffed or nicked over time and the matte finish is easier to touch up with black paint. The Alumina is a unique finish that has vertical ribs running from the top of the leg to the bottom – the actual finish, in person, looks more like a light grey finish. The Polished Chrome and Brushed Steel are the metallic finishes and look like a US26D and US32D, respectively. These two finishes are a great way to tie-in a piece of furniture with existing polished chrome or brushed steel hardware that is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

If you’re looking for a first-hand account of the functionality of these legs, look no further. A few years back I was helping a friend move into an apartment in downtown Baltimore. A rowhome in Baltimore typically means early 1900′s construction and the doors and windows are rather unforgiving when it comes to big, contemporary furniture pieces. So there we were, in the middle of the street in the freezing Baltimore January cold, with a couch that would not go through the front door or the first story window. After the obligatory ten minutes of pushing, cramming, shoving, and sweating, I had an epiphany. I chopped the wooden legs off of the sofa and told my friend that I’d come back the following day with legs that I could attach after we passed the sofa through the window. Off with the legs, in with the couch, and out of the cold I went. When we moved my friend back out, it was as simple as untwisting the leg, moving the couch, and re-attaching the legs once inside the new apartment.

There is nothing particularly flashy or gimmicky about the leg – no designer styling here. The Como is just a strong, substantial leg that neither adds to nor takes away from the furniture composition, making it suitable for any chair, sofa, or cabinet application with a 4 to 10 inch rise. Add in a few fashionable finishes and this leg truly is suitable to be used anytime, anywhere. If you have any questions about your particular project, about the Camar Como furniture leg, or about any other item on our website, please do not hesitate to call or write.

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