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Collaborative Power And Charging Solutions | Open Plan Environments

Posted by Gary Lederman on

As today’s workplace transforms into more informal open plan environments, the need for power and charging capabilities is on the rise. Solutions to address these spaces range from stand-alone portable units, which can be moved around within a space, to flush mount solutions that can be installed in table surfaces or soft sided seating.


The Cove is a surface mount solution that allows users to mix and match power, USB charging, and data. The Cove’s flexible design allows it to be mounted horizontally, vertically, or face up in surfaces perfect for every application from tables to soft sided seating.


The Isle is a stand-alone unit providing users easy access to nine tamper resistant receptacles and six USB charging ports. By taking the power outside the furniture, the Isle can be easily integrated and repositioned into new or existing spaces.


The Drifter is the portable counterpart to the Isle offering a total of three tamper resistant receptacles and 6 USB charging ports. The Drifter is lightweight and can be easily transported from one space to the next without the need for any cutouts in the furniture.

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