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Plate Mounted Casters and Where to Install Them

Posted by Gary Lederman on

Plate Mounted Casters offer an easy option for installing casters on furniture that has not been pre-drilled. When you hear casters, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Many of you are probably thinking, "What the heck are casters?" Casters are the wheels installed on furniture that allows them to roll. So if we ask the question again with your new knowledge of casters, what would you think of now? I'm going to venture a guess that you immediately thought of office chairs, rolling tables, and ottomans. Am I right? For the sake of argument, we'll say that I am. Office chairs, rolling tables, and ottomans with casters are often pre-drilled for threaded stem casters. Threaded stem casters may not work for some DIYers (forgive my creation of a new word) who want to install their own casters on a piece of furniture; but, do not want the hassle or lack the ability to drill holes for threaded stem casters. This is where plate mounted casters come in. We took the long way around the barn; but, we finally got to the point.

Plate mounted casters can easily be installed on stationary wood cabinets, entertainment centers, or any other furniture that you would like to be able to roll. Plate mounted casters are a superb substitute if a threaded stem caster has broken from an ottoman or other piece of furniture with a solid bottom. A solid bottom is key for installation of plate mounted casters. You have to have a sturdy surface to screw the casters to. If you have settled on plate mounted casters for your next project, you will now have to decide if rigid plate mounted casters or swivel plate mounted casters are best. For the majority of DIYers, swivel plate mounted casters are the best option. Rigid plate mounted casters are more often used for industrial usage and don't provide the easy turning ability afforded by swivel plate mounted casters. Now that we've solved your caster issue, let's get to work on those projects.

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