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What's The Best Style Power Data Outlet For You?

Posted by Gary Lederman on

Bringing network connectivity and power to your workstation or meeting space is not only convenient, but also essential in today’s collaborative environment. Do this in style with our customized outlets that give you easy access to all your data and power connectivity needs. Power data grommets and outlets are available in many different shapes and sizes. The kind of installation and the type of environment will help determine which style outlet is best for you.

Table Trough Power Data Outlets: The table trough power data units are designed for conference rooms and training facilities where large groups congregate and require simultaneous access to power outlets, data jacks, and video network connections.They are much larger power data boxes and can accommodate from 6 to 12 users. They are built-in to the table surface and have a variety of lid styles to aesthetically conceal the power receptacles and data connectors.

Built-in Table Top (TT) Power Data Outlet: The tabletop (TT) power data outlet requires a cut out in the tabletop where the power data box will be inserted. A lid on the power data box conceals the power receptacles, data connectors, and any cables that are feeding from the user’s laptop or computer into the desktop power data outlet. These units are similar to the table trough style except on a smaller scale suitable for smaller table or desk layouts or where several unit are linked together.

Under Table (UT) Mount Power Data Outlets: The under table (UT) mount unit offers the same styles and functions as the TT table top series, except that the pivot lids and flanges have been removed. These units attach to the underside of the tabletop for easy access from above to power receptacles and your choice of many telecom plate connections.These unit cut outs are usually done during the construction process of the furniture. The under table products mount under a specified hole size and the installers either uses their own custom door hinge mechanisms or uses ECA’s trim kits. When using ECA’s trim kit the inside of the cutout is exposed and therefore needs to be edge banded or finished during the building process.

Pop Up/Flip Up Power Data Box:These power data boxes either flip up to expose the power receptacles and data connectors or pop up (either manually or mechanically) to expose the power receptacles and data connectors. They are an excellent way to add power or data connectivity to a desk or conference table without sacrificing aesthetics. The pop-up or flip-up feature allows the power data center to recess under the table top so that the unit virtually disappears when in the closed position, thus allowing easy access to power receptacles and data connections without sacrificing valuable desktop workspace.

Under Desk Power Data Outlet: Under desk power outlets offer increased accessibility to power and data connections without ever having to leave your chair. Under desk, skirt, apron, or panel mounted outlet options are available for training tables, computer workstations, and desks. Some units can be built-in to the apron of a desk or table, while others can be mounted with a clamp, bracket, or built-in mounting flange.

Flush Mount Built-In Outlets: The Cove flush mounted built-in units offer power outlet and USB port charging stations with optional telecom data connectors. They are ideal for installation in desktops, walls, and vertical furniture panels. Today’s workstations, common meeting spaces, or hospitality areas require convenient access to power receptacles and data jacks.

Free Standing Units: Our free standing charging stations require no installation. They bring power outlets, charging USB ports, and HDMI video sharing within arm's reach for customers and clients in waiting rooms and meeting or hospitality areas.

Removable Power Data Outlets: Our removable power data outlets bring connectivity to your desk or tabletop without having to permanently alter your furniture surface. They mount under the desk or table, on the edge of the desktop, or simply clamp on the surface. Many are non-permanent and require no tools for installation. Eliminate clutter and trip hazards without having to alter your work surface. Power and data can be conveniently accessed with no messy set up.

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